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At Vegsutra, we make the best use of the combined expertise of our team to serve you the freshest and the best tasting food. Indeed, we prepare our food with so much love that it will remind you of home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What Is Vegsutra ?

Vegsutra is a dedicated effort by a group of passionate people to provide organic and freshly prepared food in today’s age of tempting fast food. At Vegsutra, we make a promise to provide you with a healthy and tasty daily diet.

How Can I Find Out About Meal Packages ?

Give us a call at xxx-xx-xxx. and our personnel will inform you about all the existing packages. We will be more than happy to share the details of each meal package. We are always ready to answer any questions.

What If I Have Special Dietary Requirements ?

At the time of membership, make sure to tell us if you want your meals and snacks to meet any specific dietary and calorie requirements.

How Can I Become A Member ?

All you have to do is call us at xxx-xx-xxx. Our personnel will give you all the details you need.

How Is Vegsutra Different From Other Caterers ?

Vegsutra is concerned about your health. Our experts work with customers to prepare a menu of balanced food. We use farm fresh food in our preparations. All ingredients are fresh. We do not pre-cook our meals – that is not our practice. You are guaranteed food that is freshly prepared and is consequently, healthier for consumption.

How Can I Be Sure About Receiving Fresh Food ?

We use fresh fruits and vegetables for preparing the food on our menus. Even the spices we use are processed and prepared by us. We do not use canned or frozen ingredients in our food.

Can I Cancel My Membership Before The Month Is Over ?

You can call us anytime to cancel your membership.

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