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At Vegsutra, we make the best use of the combined expertise of our team to serve you the freshest and the best tasting food. Indeed, we prepare our food with so much love that it will remind you of home.

Step 1. Choose your meal plan

Choose your meal plan based on your goal (fat loss, muscle gain, long term health, low sodium intake, low sugar intake etc) and the calorie intake best suited to your body. Find out how many calories you need ,the calorie counters on our site will help guide you; you can also consult with our dieticians.

Step 2. Contact us

Call our Customer Care team at 022 - 25040303 to sign up or just order online on this website.

Step 3. Healthy meals are prepared fresh in our health kitchen

We prepare you meal in our ultra-modern health kitchen daily. The meal is weighed and packed as per your meal plan.

Step 4. Get the fresh meal delivered right to your home / office

We deliver your meal fresh right to your home / office. Delivered up to three times in the day.

Step 5. Customer Care Support

To modify your meal plan or put meals on hold while you're out of town, just call or email our Customer Care team (please note that we need 24 hours notice to effect your changes).

Vegsutra Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.


Unit No – 03, Favourite Ind. Estate, Masarani Lane,
Kurla (W), Mumbai – 400070, India.

Shop 3, Koli Building 1, GK Marg, Opposite Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013 India.

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Central Kitchen :
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BKC: 022 2650 4545
Lower Parel: 022 2496 6666
Email: [email protected]