Vegetarian Indian dishes that you must try from Veg sutra

If you are from Mumbai & Pune Or planning to Visit then You Must Try The following Vegetarian Indian dishes that you must try from Veg sutra

 Discover some of our favourite vegetarian Indian dishes for a nutritious and delicious meal. Every dish is full of flavour, from North Indian to Chinese , starters and side dishes.

With our take on traditional, authentic Indian dishes Following veg Indian food items list you must try From Veg sutra


1. Dal Khichdi :

Dal Khichdi is made with Flavourful rice cooked on dum with our special blend of spices and Desi Ghee Tadka On the Top, healthy and hearty Indian meal. This dal khichdi is protein-packed , Super comforting & flavourful that you are going to love it

Dal khichdi healthy and tasty from Vegsutra

A well-prepared Dal khichdi is a complete meal that is both delicious and flavorful, and it can be consumed on a daily basis by regular people as part of a healthy diet.

2. Paneer Royal Thali Home Style :

Paneer Royal Thali Home Style from Vegsutra

The Paneer Royal thali is a well-balanced meal that includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. It is also regarded as a traditional meal. Our Royal Paneer Thali includes Paneer Royal thali Contains Paneer Kadai Gravy , Chole Masala , Dal Fry, Jeera Rice , 2 Paratha and the  Gulab Jamun is a convenient and Wholesome  meal you can order from veg sutra.

Also  We Have many Thali’s Or Combo meals available for Every Kind of Person From North indian to Chinese Combo meal that you can try From Veg sutra

3. Paneer Tikka Matka Dum Biryani :

Paneer Tikka Matka Dum Biryani from Vegsutra

If you Think Veg Biryani is not Biryani Then you Should Must Try this Biryani From Vegsutra  that will change your thinking For sure

Our  Paneer Tikka Matka Dum biryani is flavourful biryani Cooked with Basmati rice in earthen pot on dum with our special blend of spices Served with the Boondi Raita

Our Matka Biryanis, served in Matka/Handi, elevate biryanis taste to the next level. The biryani is cooked and stacked in the matkas, absorbing the earthy flavour for the healthiest biryani possible. It is perfectly capable of serving two persons.

Plus we don’t add any artificial Colouring to the biryani that makes us biryani a more healthy and tastes super Yumm !!  A Must Try Dish From Vegsutra 

4 Chole Bhature :

Chole Bhature from Vegsutra

 Chole bhature is a popular meal in the Indian subcontinent’s northern regions, but it is loved by every Indians. It’s a fusion of chole masala and bhatura/puri


Chole Bhature is more than simply food; it’s one of the most tempting delicacies to satisfy your taste buds completely. We’re confident that after just one bite of Veg sutra’s chole bhature & you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating more.

5 Pav Bhaji :

Pav bhaji is an Indian fast food meal made up of a rich vegetable curry served with a soft, buttery bread (Pav) This Super Yummy Dish You must Try from veg sutra ! 

Pav Bhaji

Every food has its own distinct flavour, but pav bhaji is one of the best and most well-known dishes in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Apart from that, this dish is delectable, and you will enjoy the flavour. Furthermore, once you have tried this Pav bhaji From Veg sutra , you will fall in love with it.

And if you Like your pav bhaji More Buttery and cheesy then we also have the Cheese pav bhaji available for you that you must Try !

Cheese pav bhaji from vegsutra

6. Moong Dal Halwa : 

No matter what, young or old, for Indians halwa is always precious & This rich and sweet Indian dessert, Moong Dal Halwa needs to be on your list while Ordering From Veg sutra

Moong Dal Halwa from Vegsutra

Nutty, warm, melt-in-mouth… the best  Moong Dal Halwa from the kitchen of Veg Sutra

Ending this blog on the Sweet note

 See You Soon !!! Bon Appetit !


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