Why Us

At Eat Pure, we make the best use of the combined expertise of our team to serve you the freshest and the best tasting food. Indeed, we prepare our food with so much love that it will remind you of home.

Serving good food is our passion and that reflects in our kitchen. We use fresh vegetables and ingredients in our cooking. All our ingredients are of premium quality and organic in nature. Only farm fresh vegetables and fruits are allowed into the Vegsutra kitchen. Oil, spices and salt are all chosen carefully according to the calorie meter. Our menus are designed such that our food contains all essential nutrients to keep you healthy and fit. Variety is the spice of the life and so is our menu. Planned and executed by our experts, Vegsutra makes sure that you don’t get the same dishes or recipes in the same month. 
Our experienced and talented chefs prepare and cook our food in-house from scratch – this guarantees that you are served only freshly prepared food. We do not believe in the practice of pre-cooking or pre-freezing our food before serving it to our customers. This ensures that we serve you the freshest food possible every time.

Promise Of Freshness

Our inventory system insures that sourcing is done as per the current menu only. So no stock stays on shelves more than the required time. This helps us bring you the freshest of food.

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

Our industrial strength kitchen, spread over 1700 sq ft, is well-equipped to process, prepare and pack food without once being touched by hand. Only organic and premium quality ingredients find place in our kitchen after a careful evaluation of weight and quantity by our experts.

Clean Packaging

All our meals are packed in a clean and hygienic environment. Food is untouched by hands while packaging. The packaging room is situated separately from the kitchen.


UV double filter water used for all preparation of food.

Health First

Use of superior quality of ingredients. No artificial food color and preservatives.

Vegsutra Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

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